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3 min readNov 15, 2022 is a decentralized and permissionless Job Exchange that connects tech talents, art creators, and business professionals in one platform.

The mission of is to become a major dApp platform for software development in the blockchain community owned and governed by its stakeholders (developers, shareholders, board members and DAO Treasury).

  • We are building the first dApp digital Job Market Place for software development and design
  • We are building on Web, Android, iOS, Microsoft and Linux
  • We are currently live on Testnet with our Beta Version on MVP Stage 2 — pre Mainnet Launch
  • We are 100% serverless and 100% on the blockchain
  • We are Multichain and Cross-Chain
  • We as Community own Devopsdao

Technical Details:

We have been inspired by the low gas fees and speed of Moonbeam network and its compatibility with ERC20, and strongly believe that traditional recruitment processes in an epoch of post-covid shift from offices to home-office work needs to be changed and decentralized. Our app aims to help crypto community to manage recruitment in a preferred crypto way, residing in crypto space.

Become an Ambassador and participate!

There are multiple ways you can help grow as an Ambassador. Let us give you a few examples:

1. Test the App

Read „How to get some DEV Test Tokens“ first followed by the Blog post „How to test devopsdao dApp“, to understand how you can test our dApp currently. Create first tasks, give us feedback and help us to code

Dodao.devis open source we encourage everyone to participate. Pull requests are very welcome on our GitHub.

If you want to become an Ambassador, you can earn XP on our Quest-board:

2. Create Content

You are an Influencer or talented in creating Videos, Blog posts or other digital content what helps to grow. For example, create a Video about our dApp, write Blog-Posts with Instructions, create GIFs, Marketing Videos or any other content, what could support the growth of

3. Translations will become an international product, so weed need native speakers from all over the world! You can support in translation of current or new content and documents. As well you can apply to become a community manager in your native language.

4. Community

You have already a web3 audience, being experienced in building communities from skretch and feeling comfortable to support a community with answering questions, technical Support and more? Then we need you to grow the community!

5. Events

You can host online or offline Events in the name of and feeling comfortable meeting the web3 community, answering technical questions and so on? We will support you to realize your ideas as long as it is helpful for

The Path to Ambassadorship

After apply to become an ambassador, there will be additional levels to achieve where you will be able to lead your own tasks and enjoy more benefits following the increase in responsibility.

  1. Submit an application
  2. Do Ambassador Quests
  3. Interview with the team
  4. Become an Apprentice Ambassador
  5. Join private Telegram Ambassador Group
  6. Complete two tasks within the first month
  7. Advance to a full Ambassador status
  8. Join Ambassador Role in our Discord Server

Speak with our Experts is built by a smart team of blockchain and database engineers and project managers, passionate about improving and scaling blockchain technologies.

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Blogpost “How to get some DEV test tokens

Video “How to get some DEV test tokens”

Blogpost “How to test devopsdao as customer

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-- is the first decentralized and permissionless Job Exchange that connects tech talents, art creators, and business professionals in one platform.