We will use this space to share our roadmap. We will keep updating our progress going ahead regularly.

  • Switch to WebThree (web3dart library fork maintained by devopsdao team) in order to be able to fix bugs and add features to web3 library on which devopsdao depends.
  • Interaction with blockchain refactor (task load optimization), UI code refactor
  • Application widgets technical redesign, preparation to implement new UX/UI.
  • Wallet interaction refactor, added support for Metamask (based on WebThree library), implemented WalletConnect support for mobile web, better platform detection.
  • Blockchain based chat and process messages implementation.
  • Auditor role (yet without NFT based access).
  • Simple rating system for performers.
  • Smart contract code rewrite, switch to EIP-2535 Diamond based architecture for easy contract updates and management.
  • Integration of protocols: Wormhole, Layer Zero, Axelar and Hyperlane is open source we encourage everyone to participate. Pull requests are very welcome on our GitHub.

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