If you want to test the dApp of Dodao.dev, you need to get some test tokens first. Read this blogpost to find out how you can get your test tokens to test Dodao.dev dApp.

If you prefer, watch our Instructions Video on YouTube.

  1. Install Metamask (https://metamask.io)

2. Add Moonbase Alpha Network to your Metamask Wallet

  • Go to chainlist.org
  • Connect your Wallet
  • Enable Testnet
  • Search for Moonbase Alpha
  • Add Moonbeam Alpha it to Metamask
  • Follow Meta Mast Instructions and agree to change to Moonbeam Alpha Network

3. Get get some test tokens

4. Open devopsdao Web App

January 2023 we renamed devopsdao to dodao.dev.

Do you want to test our dApp as Customer? Read here, how it works.

If you need Support…

…do not hesitate to contact us in our Telegram Group: https://t.me/+UCzW_yM1zXAxZTBi

Or check our our Telegram Announcement Channel:



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