Revolutionizing Decentralized Task Completion: How’s Credit System is Changing the Game
3 min readApr 20, 2023

-- is a new platform that allows individuals to create and complete tasks in a decentralized manner. The platform uses blockchain technology to provide transparency and security for all transactions. One interesting use case on is the ability for users to receive credit for their activity on the platform.

Let’s imagine a scenario where a user has spent 200k on the platform and paid at least 5k in fees. always knows how much the user’s profile is worth at a floor, which includes the fees paid and withheld NFT value. This means that can issue the user a credit of this value.

Now, let’s say that the user wants to create a task worth 10k. The user is allowed a 5k credit, so they top up the task with 5k and receive a 5k credit. This credit is subject to zero fee coverage on task acceptance stage. Once the task is created, the customer receives a Credit NFT which is burnable on credit repayment.

In the event that the task is not accepted, an auditor can come in on performer request. If the task is completed, the auditor will settle the task in performer favor by covering the credit part from the treasury. The customer’s NFTs will be liquidated by being put on the marketplace. A burnable Debt NFT paired to a Debt Collection NFT will be put on the marketplace auction with an initial 10% discount ($4500 in this case).

The customer may find themselves in this situation due to an urgent personal issue that prevented them from completing the task. When the customer sees their profile with an alarming Debt NFT blocking all their activities, they may choose to repay the credit with a 10% performance fee. This will result in their Debt NFT being burned, leaving only an event trace in the blockchain history. This allows the customer to create new tasks again.

It is worth noting that the Debt Collection NFT can only be bought on the marketplace at a certain discount by a holder of a Debt Collector NFT with an equal or higher discounting feature. This adds an additional layer of security and transparency to the platform, ensuring that all transactions are fair and legitimate.

Overall, the ability for to issue credit to its users provides a unique and useful feature to the platform. It allows users to complete tasks even if they do not have the necessary funds, while also providing a system of checks and balances to ensure that all transactions are legitimate and fair. This, coupled with the use of blockchain technology, makes an exciting new platform in the world of decentralized task completion.

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