Technology makes more fun with a fresh design!

So far, we focused more on technical details than on design. But day by day we are coming closer to launch our dApp in the Mainnet, so we have created something for you.

If you are one of the first test users, you should know our current design. It is really simple, so we need some fresh air. You didn´t tested our dApp so far? Please read this blogpost to find out, how you can get som DEV test tokens and how you can test devopsdao dApp.

If you don´t know our current design, here you go:

And this is, what you can experience in the future:

Let us dive into some design details…

The Homescreen

With opening devopsdao, you will enjoy a much more colorful design, including a new logo. The goal of our future design is, to create a kind of magical experience for our dApp which you can use just intuitively.

Connect your Wallet

Connecting your Wallet stays intuitively. But it propably makes more fun using it.

Job Exchange

The Tab „Job Exchange“ is much more colorful, and much more efficient, because you can see all relevant information without clicking on any job. This will make it much easier to search for Jobs.

Customer and Performer Tab

Currently, our dApp has two tabs: Customer and Performer. In the future, you will have only one tab where you can switch between customer profile and performer profile. The layout of the Tasks will be more colorful, what makes working with devopsdao subconsciously easier, because your brain get used to these colors in combination with each status.

What do you think about our future design?

Share your thoughts, feedback, and improvement ideas in our Telegram group and be one of the first users who get informed about the new design update:

Are you interested in try out our App?

Then read our blog post „How to get some DEV test tokens“ and „How to test devopsdao as customer“.

Find more technical details here:

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