Test the Dodao.dev dApp from Performer Perspective

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you need to get some DEV Test Tokens first. Find out how to get some Moonbase-alpha DEV Test Tokens first and read our Blogpost or watch this Video.

After you received your DEV Tokens, open dodao.dev in your Web Browser. Later the Dodao.dev dApp will be also available on Android first, follwed by iOS, Microsoft and Linux.

Open Dodao.dev WebApp

  • Once, you opend dodao.dev, Dodao dApp opens on an Arweave URL.
  • On the top, you see Tasks collecting from the blockchain.
  • After all Tasks are collected, all Tasks are updated.

Connect your Wallet

  • Click right on the top to connect your Wallet.
  • Follow the Meta Mask Instructions.
  • Once your Wallet is connected, you see will the amount of DEV Tokens in your Wallet.

Open the “Job Exchange”

  • Click on the Tab „Tasks“.
  • Now, the Job Exchanges opens and you see all the Tasks, you can apply for.

Participate to a Task

  • Click on a Task in the Job Exchange.
  • Read the Task details.
  • Let the Customer know, why you are the best Performer for this Task.
  • Click „participate“ to apply to the Task.

Find the Tasks, you have applied for

  • Open the Tab „Performer“.
  • Now, you see three Status Tabs: Applied, Working and Complete.
  • You find the latest Task, you have applied for, on the top of the Status Tab „Applied“.
  • Click “Participate” to apply to the Task.

The customer choose you as Performer

  • After the Customer choose you as a Performer for his task, the Tasks moves automatically from the Status Tab „Applied“ the Status Tab „Working“.

The Performer has to start the Task

  • Open the Task in your „Working“ Tab by clicking on it.
  • Click „Start the Task“.
  • Now, the Task colour changes from „white“ to „blue“ in the Performer and in the Customer Tab.

The Performer finished his Task

  • After Performer finished the Task, he has to send it back to the Customer to review it.
  • After the Performer clicked on „Review“, the Task color changes from „blue“ to „green“.

The Customer reviewed the Task

  • After the review of the Customer was successfull, the Task moves automatically from the Status Tab „Working“ in „Complete“.

The Performer is able to withdraw funds

  • Open the Task by clicking on it.
  • Click “Withdraw”.
  • Performer receives funds.

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